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Residential/Irrigation Pumps

Raab Well Drilling has expertise installing both standard and constant pressure pump systems. We have installed pumps including but not limited to 1/2 – 150HP and flow ratings from 2 gallons/minute to 3,000 gallons/minute.

At Raab Well Drilling we take care to fit the equipment to the requirements of the job at hand. A proper water system takes into consideration the depth and yield of the well and water use needs to correctly size the pump equipment to the well. Undersizing the pump and water tank does not give you the full benefit of the well’s water supply. Oversizing the equipment not only increases the installation costs, but can over-pump the well. Submersible pumps have replaced jet pumps as the preferred pump due to their efficiency in delivering large quantities of water at high pressure and the reliability of maintenance-free operation. A drop pipe connects the pump to a high quality pit-less adapter below the frost level. Inexpensive adapters can rust out, leak, or drop the pump down the well. From the pitiless adapter, PVC pipe and submersible wire runs between the well and the house. The submersible wire even needs sizing to prevent a short circuit and burn out of the pump motor.

Within the house a pre-charged pneumatic tank is installed to store the water. These bladdered tanks reduce the amount of times the pump is called on to actually pump water. The pump is triggered to work when the water pressure drops within the tank and calls for more water to be pumped.

This also keeps a constant 30 pounds of pressure throughout the house. The pump’s operations are controlled with a motor control.

Commercial Pumps

We have a 15-ton crane to handle large commercial pump installations ranging from 2HP – 150HP with access to 3,000 gallon-per-minute capacity. We have installed pumping systems for a majority of the municipalities throughout Bucks and Montgomery County. Newtown Artesian Water Company, Perkasie Borough, Warminster Township, Doylestown Borough and Township are just a few of our satisfied customers.

We use drop pipes ranging in size from 2″ to 6″ diameters. We can install deep-set submersible pumps, line shaft turbine pumps, centrifugal booster pumps and other specialized pumps.

Experience and Expertise

Raab Well Drilling has the years of experience coupled with Certified Pump Technicians who stay up to date on the newest technology through continuing education.

75-Horsepower/1500 gallon-per-minute submersible pump