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Geo-Thermal Drilling

Raab Well Drilling has been drilling Geo-Thermal wells for over 30 years We have installed residential and commercial closed loop and open loop systems. Our employees are International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, Accredited Vertical Loop Installer’s. Year to date for 2010 we have installed over 80 geo-thermal systems and the numbers are still increasing.

Full Containment Drilling

We operate two-air rotary drill rig capable of quick and reliable installation of any size well field. Our company is trained and certified in Geo-Thermal systems and equipped to handle the drilling, loop installation, grouting, header assembly, pressure testing, and flushing of the loop field.
It would be our pleasure to submit a price for your Geo-Thermal needs.

12 Boreholes at Rosebank Winery in Newtown, PA