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Drill Rigs

IR T-4 Drill Rig
  • Ingersoll-Rand Air Ingersoll-Rand Air Rotary T-3 ( 950cfm/350psi )
  • Ingersoll-Rand Air Rotary T-4 (1050cfm/350-psi)
  • Auger Truck
  • Hollow Stem Augers
  • Split Spoon Sampling

Drill Bits

  • Down Hole Air hammers capable of drilling From 5” to 18″ diameter
  • Mud rotary bits from 6” to 22” diameter

Rig Support Trucks

  • Flatwater Fleet RTT Rig Tender with Water
  • Flatwater Fleet RTS Rig Supplier with 15 Ton Crane
Rigtender with 15-ton Crane

Portable Air Compressors

  • Ingersoll-Rand 900cfm/350psi
  • Ingersoll-Rand 185 cfm/100psi

Vacuum Equipment

  • 4000 gal Vacuum Truck for Total containment drilling in environmentally sensitive areas and Fluid and solid containment with the use of drilling diverters and vacuum excavation

Hydro Frack Equpment

  • Hydro Frack Truck
  • 6″, 8″, 10″ packers

Pump Service Equipment

  • Smeal 5-ton pump hoist
  • Smeal 6-ton pump hoist
  • JGL 15-ton crane (for pulling large municipal pumps)
IR T-3 Drill Rig

Test Pump Equipment

  • Pumps available for pump tests – 1/2HP to 60+HP (in stock)
  • 60 KW Winco Generator

Excavating Equipment

  • John Deer backhoe
  • Caterpillar 426 backhoe
  • Toro Dingo
  • (2) Dump Trucks
  • Harley Rake

Other Equipment

  • Portable water tanks
  • Self contained steam cleaner
  • Welders
  • Rolloff Truck with a Drilling Containment Dumpster and 25-yard dumpster
  • Water conditioning service truck
Pump Truck